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V-Ray 3 for Revit - Available Now

V-Ray 3 for Revit will revolutionize the workflows of architects and designers.

It combines our most intuitive interface to date with industry-standard rendering technology. Any Revit user can create high-quality photorealistic imagery, and make design decisions faster than ever before.

Here are just some of the features you’ll find in V-Ray for Revit:

  • Physical Materials – Automatically convert Revit materials to V-Ray’s physically-correct format.

  • Physically Based Lighting – Accurate options for IES and HDR image-based lighting, as well as support for Revit Sun and Sky.

  • One-Click VR Output – VR cameras can help designers verify scale during the design process.

  • Diagrammatic Materials – Easily make scenes look diagrammatic or like a scale model with material presets like basswood and foam core.

  • Denoiser – Automatically removes artifacts and noise, cutting render times with GPU-acceleration.

  • V-Ray 3 for Revit is available now for Windows and is compatible with Autodesk Revit 2015, 2016, 2017.

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